Tips from LearnZillion to Prevent Winter Break Brain Drain (ELA & Math)

With winter break rapidly approaching (YAY!), which is when all of us seem to turn off our brains and relax. It feels good, but we all know that it takes a while to get back in to the swing of it once we get back in January. It's not just teachers. It's students, too. So, how do you help prevent the winter brain drain?

I just got an email from LearnZillion, which is an awesome website geared towards the common core for math and ELA classrooms, that provides two tips to do just that with the help of their website (surprise!). Here are their tips?
  • Reading: Assign one fiction and one non-fiction reading set for winter break, or create a list of possible reading lesson sets with a minimum of one from each genre so students can choose. Give extra credit if students do more.
  • Math: Let students preview what's coming in the new year by assigning lesson sets for standards you'll be teaching in January. If a student needs targeted help, assign him or her a lesson or lesson set from the standard they're working toward.
And here is their video from YouTube about how to assign problem sets to students in your LearnZillion free class.

What do you think? How are you going to prevent the winter break brain drain?


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