Teaching with Tech Checklist

It is tempting to see the technology we are so fortunate to have as an easy to integrate tool that we just start up at the beginning of the day and use. But often times it is just used as a replacement tool in that situation. It isn't doing or adding anything to the class that wasn't there before technology. That is a very, very common "issue". If we want technology to succeed, it needs to be seen as more than that.

While browsing through HUGE lists of tools today to locate different tools to help with iObservation key strategies, I came across checklist to help guide you towards better implementing technology within your classroom. Before you do a lesson with technology, I would highly encourage you to look it over and decide where you fall within the checklist. And, if you can't answer yes to every question, then rethink what you are planning to do and lets chat. Maybe you could be using technology to get your kids to go deeper with the lesson and think more about the subject at hand. In the end, that's what technology should help your students with. They should be thinking more in depth.
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