Middle School PLAYDATE Today!

Today is my very first PLAYDATE! So, if you are at the middle school, you should come down to 40A whenever you have a moment to breath. My focus for today is Doctopus, which is a REALLY awesome tool if you are a Google Drive avid fan. What is a PLAYDATE? Basically, you come and get to play with the tool. I'll show you where to find the resources I've compiled on how to use Doctopus and then we'll work together to get you started. For those of you who don't need the basics, this is geared towards you. So come on by and play!

Want to know what Doctopus is beyond being so awesome it makes me giddy? Basically, it is a way to distribute Google Documents across an entire group individually or in groups of students and gives you more features than what comes standard in Google Drive sharing. Once you get a handle on Doctopus, you can then build on it with additional scripts that allows you to easily use rubrics to grades assignments in Google Drive and much more. I'll have PLAYDATEs on those as the year goes along.

Here is an awesome video that walks through just how awesome Doctopus is:


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