"How Games Make Kids Smarter" TEDx Talk from Gabe Zichermann

As you likely know by now, one of the iObservation target elements I have for this year is "Using Academic Games" and, as my own personal interest, the gamification of the classroom. There are twitter feeds galore, websites, articles... you name it and there are resources on it. As someone who skipped more meals in her lifetime thanks to games than I care to count, I have a personal interest in the topic.

Today I found a couple TED talks on just that subject. Although I have tagged both and added them to my "Technology with iObservations Key Strategies" page, this one I felt was worthy of sharing here as well. Why? Because I think our gamer children get a bad wrap sometimes and this TEDx video gives some good perspective on how the games are potentially actually helping to make our kids smarter. Especially when we harness the power of games for our own needs as teachers.

So, how many meals did you miss thanks to gaming? Totally justifiable now, right?


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