Who Does What?

I had a new teacher inquiry about who does what within the technology department and when they should be coming to me. First off, I am not really a part of the technology department. Like you, I report to the principals in both buildings and I still have my iObservations to do. So, although I do work with them a lot (and who wouldn't want to with how awesome they are?), I am sort of my own little department. In general, here are some pointers to help you figure out who you need to go to:

Tech Help Ticket
  • How do I use....
    My interactive whiteboard, Infinite Campus, software, etc.
  • I want to find out how to do...
    If you have a vision for a project or assignment that you want to do, just let me know and I'll help you figure out a solution!
  • Best Practices
    Struggling with how to integrate tech in to your classroom? I'm your girl!
  • This is broken!
    Projector, printer, computer...
  • I forgot my password.
    To IC, SubFinder, Gmail, etc.
I do not have access to help tickets!

If you are in doubt and you contact me, I'll tell you if you should do a tech help ticket. I'm the one that will teach you how to use it and tech help tickets will help you fix it when it's broken.

As always I strongly recommend trying to problem solve first because often the solution is easy and quick to come by if you look for it. If I come up with a way to fix a common problem, I'll put it out here on my blogsite and you can either search for it or use the topic links on the right hand side.


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