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Tech. Agenda & Announcements for 11/4-11/8

10/28-11/1 Recap: Last week I covered how to make a website on Google Sites, which was heavily requested on the tech skills survey at the beginning of the year. Some teachers attended with old sites they had started already years ago while others had nothing started yet. I wound up working with 14 teachers between the schools to get them going during my workshop as well as a couple others during my office hours. I dare say the coolest thing they learned was how to embed a Google Calendar in to it so that they could easily update their assignments on their site without actually having to edit it. Talk about a time saver! Thank you to those of you that came.

Topic of the Week (11/4-11/8): Syncing, Organizing, and Sharing with Google Drive

This week's topic is a great building block to expand on the tools within Google and is definitely something a lot of people wanted to learn about based on the tech skills survey. We are going to focus on Google Drive and the many features it has. First we'll look at how to sync your laptop with your Drive so you can access your files offline (and easily backup your computer while we're at it). Then we'll use the application as well as the website to learn how to organize your files so you can easily find them. And, finally, we'll talk about how you can share all of those files and folders to really take advantage of living in the cloud. These tools will be great to teach your students, too!

Note: As I did last week, I am inviting teachers to my workshops that I think have prep when I am doing them. Please reply to the invite when you get it. It will help me ensure that I have a big enough space for everyone and also tell me that you got it. If you do not get my invite and you would like to, just let me know what block you'd like to be invited to on this webpage and I'll add you to my mailing lists.


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Hide Dropped Students in Infinite Campus

I had a teacher ask me if there was a way to hide or remove students who are no longer in your class. The answer is maybe. It depends on if they are officially dropped from your class and appearing as red in your roster and gradebook. If not, then no, you cannot remove them until they have been unenrolled from the class. If the student is showing up as red in your gradebook though, you can hide them so you don't have to worry about them. Here is a screenshot to help you do it:

Keynote Interactivity (and my 200th post)

When I talked with teachers about Nearpod last week, there was a teacher at the highschool who really wants to keep his animations within Keynote while having the interactivity like Nearpod . I told him that I'd look into it to see what was possible. Short story: I'm not having any luck at all.

Build with Chrome (Lego Building Time!)

If you are like me, you spent countless hours when you were young building with legos . If you were a parent of kids like me, you spent countless hours vacuuming up those little pieces or hunting for them with your bare feet in the middle of the night (ouch!). When I heard about Build with Chrome yesterday, you can understand why my eyes lit up. What is Build with Chrome? It's this: