How fast are you? Ok, how fast is your internet??

With a week left in October, it'd be awesome if we got more teachers (and students) at our schools to click on the link in the message below to do a free one minute SchoolSpeedTest! It only takes a minute and we'd love to get more data. Thank you for your help!

As we continue our October SpeedTest Month, we'd like to thank all of you that have participated in the School Speed Tests.  So far, we have had over 60% of Maine districts take part, with some schools performing over 150 tests so far!  However, we still have some districts and schools that have yet to take part.  The good news is that there is still plenty of time to do so!  All we're asking is that each school in your district perform 10-20 tests before the end of the month!

As a reminder, participating schools will receive SchoolSpeedTest data that will help find network bottlenecks, support network planning, demonstrate the need for increased connectivity/hardware funding and support your district readiness for the next generation of student assessments.

In order to take part, any person on a school network can visit to take a free one-minute SchoolSpeedTest and add data to our inventory. These SpeedTests can be completed by students, staff, faculty or administrators, and can (and should) be done throughout the school day.  Tests can be performed on computers with a wired or wireless internet connection.  To make sure that the data you receive is most valuable for your district, try to perform the test on machines that your students, faculty and staff are most likely to use during the school day.

Once the Maine SchoolSpeedTest month ends, your district will receive a report showing the bandwidth available (maximum, minimum and average) in each school, as well as per-student bandwidth, that can help locate bottlenecks and support network planning.

If you want more information, and were unable to attend one of the informational webinars we hosted, recordings of the webinars are available online
If you would like materials to promote the program within your school(s), you can request them from EducationSuperhighway at

If you have any other questions, please contact Thomas Cosgrove at [email protected]

Thank you all for your support and continued participation in this project.


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