Infinite Campus Messenger

The messenger is a very powerful communication tool to keep in touch with parents & guardians. Getting in the routine of using it on a regular basis can help keep everyone on the same page.

The YouTube video below will walk you through the three functions of messenger within IC. It was done for another district and there may be very slight differences beyond the details of the school. But it will get you started!

While I'm at it, I just wanted to point out the "Resource & How To" tab above. It will bring you to my LiveBinder site where I am going to be posting all kinds of tutorials and hows to as the year goes along. I'm going to be cross posting new discoveries here on my blog when I add them to my LiveBinder so that you know I've added something new. You can also use the links under the "Topics" heading on the right if you want to learn about something in general (for example, everything having to do with our new laptops or everything that I've posted about Infinite Campus).

Have a great day!


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