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This is it. Week #36! (Techie Thursday - June 13th)

Hi, Blog Followers! This is it. My 36th and final Techie Thursday for the 2018-19 school year. What a trip! I look at my "Tools of the Week" document and can't believe all the fun ideas that I've discovered and shared with you this year. This weekly email will continue on next year with some tweaks to make it more helpful. I'd love to get your feedback in order to do that! Beyond the content of this week's slide, please keep these tips in mind: Remember how you set up Backup & Sync before getting your laptop taken care of by tech? Well, you should do THE SAME THING once you get your laptop back so that you don't run the risk of losing something. If you had to download Pages/Numbers/etc from Self Service once you got your laptop back. you should REALLY take some time to migrate your documents over to Google. Unless Apple dramatically lowers the price of their Macbooks before our current lease is up, I think that our time with Macs is limited. If we swit

Week #35! (Techie Thursday - June 6th)

Hi, Blog Followers! It's hard to believe that this is my 35th Techie Thursday email of the school year. Can you believe it?! I can't! What was your favorite thing you learned from my Techie Thursday messages this year? I would love to know! Just reply to this email and drop me a quick message. It will help me craft next year's series to be even more helpful. Looking at my booking calendar for the rest of the year, I have very few slots available. Between laptop collection and a couple more classes experiencing Google Expeditions in the next two weeks, I'll be busy for sure!  If you need to meet with me, yo u can set up an appointment with me on my website at . Needless to say, please do not delay with booking because you might be out of luck if you do. You can see the tips from the past weeks by  clicking on the slide below  and then using the arrows to scroll through the other slides in the deck. We're at single digits ,  Bl