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New Option for Jeopardy in the Classroom

As I was cruising around my Nuzzel on Friday, I noticed a new website that was generating a lot of high interest. Many have been using Jeopardy-style games in their classrooms for a while, but sometimes the creation can be a bit clunky and time intensive. But makes it easy to create games and gives you an easy to bookmark link to pull up on the fly (yet the link is not accessible unless you are logged in).

3D Printing Webinar with EdTechTeam Live

Earlier this week, I tuned in to EdTechTeam Live's broadcast on YouTube about 3D printing in the classroom. Although we've had the printers in our district for a few years, it's a great overview of the process. I thought it would be beneficial if I shared it here so that you could watch it as well and see the presentation document/resources . If you have wanted to get 3D printing integrated into your classroom, watch it and then feel free to make an appointment with me to sit down and explore it more in depth together. P.S. Huge shout out to Kern Kelley , who is from Maine, and was one of the guests on the broadcast.