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EdTechTeacher Google for Education Jamboree 2015!

Let's be honest right now. My tummy is in knots. I've been babbling about it since I was accepted to attend. But tomorrow is the day! I'm heading to Cambridge for the EdTechTeacher Google for Education Jamboree ! I'm so excited! I'm not going to be allowed to take any photos of the event, which makes me super sad. But I'm planning/hoping to be tweeting about all of the awesome stuff that I'm learning about Google and their products. To make it easy to see what I'm talking about, you can see my Twitter feed about the day below or follow me  @SusieTechIntegr . I'm looking forward to learning a lot to bring back and share with everyone next week. YAHOO! Tweets about FROM : @SusieTechIntegr AND #ettgoogle

Gateway Tools for Google Drive: Revision History

As a continuation of yesterday's post about the research tool within Google Drive, today I wanted to cover the second tool that I discussed as part of my gateway tools for Google Drive session I did at the middle school. For this chapter, I'll be looking at how to use the revision history tool within Google Drive . Awesome, right?!? I love revision history! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Gateway Tools for Google Drive: Research

Each month I spend the first Friday of the month doing "forced" tech PD time at the middle school. I really like meeting with each grade level as a whole and learning more about what I can do to support them. This month I opted to do a "gateway tools" segment designed to encourage use of Google Drive over the traditional methods. Or simply to show off tools to seasoned users that they may not have known about. I'm going to break out the tools that I covered in a series of blog posts to make it easy. For this first post, I'm going to cover... Researching within Google Drive How cool is that?!? Check it out and let me know what you think!

Google Earth Pro Now Available for Free!

Yesterday I caught an article from TechCrunch that says that Google Earth Pro is now available for free! If you are a social studies or geography teacher, you may want to go and grab it. According to TechCrunch, here are the additional features that the Pro version offers: Print images at 4800×3200; non-Pro is capped at 1000×1000. Automatically import a few thousand addresses at once to be pinned on a map Capture HD videos of what’s on screen. Measure distances/areas using lines, paths, polygons, circles, and more. Non-pro can only handle lines/paths. I think that the second and forth bullets are especially valuable to classroom teachers. If I were a science teacher, importing addresses to be pinned on a map all at once could make it easy for viewing vast amounts of data like bird migration patterns, etc. The fourth point could also be helpful for math teachers to examine the areas and distances between points. For science teachers, I could envision students mapping out w

Presentation Options in Sway Form

Last week I was supposed to meet with a teacher at the middle school to discuss what options were available for presentations. The list is fairly lengthy, so it is hard to really narrow it down. But, of course, we had a snow day and my meeting was cancelled. To help explain some of the options that I found, I created a Sway (from Microsoft), which is shown below. Overall, I like Prezi , Google Slides , Emaze , or Sway . Any of those seem fairly easy to use and cover a wide range of presentation styles. If you are looking to give your students options, feel free to use the presentation I made to help them choose what they'd like to use.