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We have our Gimkit subscription!

Hi, Blog Followers! I am THRILLED to tell you that we now have a license for Gimkit for grades 6-12. Huge thanks to Greg Applestein and Ben Harris for collaborating on budgets to make it happen and then Lori Spencer and Lori Wood for handling the money piece. I am going to be the administrator of the platform and will handle accounts, etc. for it.
If you would like to have a Gimkit account, please click this link to join our subscription.
For those of you who are using it with students under the age of 13, I am actively working to figure out an easy way for us to get permission from parents in order to use Gimkit with their students. This is a piece of their agreement to sign our student data privacy contract, so it will need to be done. Stay tuned for an update on how I'll tackle this.

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Using Synergy Seating Charts to Your Advantage

Using Synergy Seating Charts to Your Advantage Let’s get super basic this week and look at how to arrange your seating/attendance chart in Synergy to work FOR you instead of driving you nuts. Even if you’ve been using Synergy since the beginning, this quick video still might be helpful. ***** I'd love to know more about how my videos are supporting your needs. Fill out my brief feedback form at Follow my channel and find me on Twitter at @SusieTechCoach