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12/6 Techie Thursday!

Hi, Blog Followers! The first week of second (or third trimester) always seems to be especially insane. Grades to post, new classes to start up, revisions to make before teaching the content this trimester... yikes! Please know that I am here for you if I can help make the insanity a bit more tolerable. I've had a few teachers ask me to take a peek at their gradebooks, ask for help setting up their LMS pages, assist them in transferring their existing assessments on to Synergy, improve their workflow with their email... the list goes on! Just name it and I'm here for you.
This week's Techie Thursday features another giveaway! Check out the image below for details and to access all of the links on the slide. If you have a tool you would like me to research for different options, just drop me a line. If your students are creating green screen videos, podcasts, collaborating on Google Docs, working on a hour of code, or anything else having to do with using technology in your c…