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Why have I been so quiet? 3D Printers are to blame, I swear.

This post has been cross posted onto the Bonny Eagle Technology Department blog as well. Given that I've been so quiet on this blog lately, I thought it would be a good idea to share it here since this has been my focus so far this year. Last Spring, the Technology Department came upon an opportunity to bring 3D printing into our schools through a package deal offered by MakerBot, one of the most well known 3D printer companies out there. Bonny Eagle Middle School opted to take advantage of the offer and was subsequently able to bring two MakerBot Replicators (5th Generation) as well as MakerBot Digitizer, which can scan 3D objects, into their school. The printers spent last spring in the technology department as we learned more about the best practices and support methods we could use to ensure the technology would be ready to go before implementation.