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Backing up your MLTI Device to Google Drive

With the end of the year in sight, many people have been coming to me wanting to backup their MLTI device. Whether you are at the middle school and facing the MLTI changes or are planning to leave the district this summer, it's important to ensure you have your data before turning in your device. Should you be at the middle school, I do know that your device will be wiped before being returned to Apple (as would any device being turned in if you are leaving us), so any data that lingers on your device will be gone.

Polling in Google Classroom Live!

Last week, Google announced polling for Google Classroom! There are many ways that you can use this feature in your classroom such as exit tickets, self monitoring, student discussions, and lesson feedback which you can learn more about over on Google's blog . You will see a prompt the next time you log in to Classroom that will show you where to access it once you create a question type post.