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Improve Your Google Site Navigation

I had a teacher come to me yesterday wanting to rework her Google Site to have the navigation be clearer and easier to use. Collapsed headings is a great way to do that so all of the layers are hidden under the appropriate headers. Although not intuitive, Google does make it possible assuming you layer your pages under your homepage.

Reflecting on THE Journal's "Roundtable What's Hot, What's Not in 2016"

Yesterday one of my administrators shared THE Journal's roundtable article on " What's Hot, What's Not in 2016 ". Reading through it, I find it very interesting to compare the perspectives of those outside of Maine with my own responses as someone who lives here. I would invite you to read the article yourself via the above link and contemplate what you own responses would be and how they compare. To take part in that exercise myself, I thought it would be interesting to share my responses here. If you'd like to weight in, I have a quick Google Form below my responses to share how you would rank them.