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Setting up IC Assignments for Blended Grading

I had a teacher contact me for guidance about setting up his assignments for grading in the blended environment as the high school transitions from traditional to standards-based grading. So today I went through and made a screencast to walk you through the process. I do have some points at the beginning of the video to keep in mind and I did try to provide clarification between the middle and high school processes as much as possible. As always, if it would be easier to walk through it with me 1:1, feel free to make an appointment with me and I'll go through it with you based on what the current set-up method is for your school. Good luck!

It's Hour of Code Week!

This week is Computer Science Education Week ! And, to go along with that, is the Hour of Code, which is designed to expose everyone to computer science regardless of their existing skill set (or that of their teacher). I think the timing for the Hour of Code could not be any better in every way. Every day we hear reports of needing more coders in the country to fill tons of vacancies for jobs. And this time of year we struggle to keep our students' and, lets face it, our heads in the game. The day before Thanksgiving break, I had classrooms at the middle school having their kids do an Hour of Code knowing that the propensity was to check out otherwise. If you are interested in doing it in your classroom, the resources available are pretty limitless! But here are some to get you going:

Digital Promise Micro-credentials powered by BloomBoard #Love2Learn

Sometimes my blog posting gets away from me as my focus shifts to other areas. The end of the trimester is certainly a common time! At any rate, since my last post over here, there has been a lot of interesting activity floating around in the tech in classrooms world. So I'm going to try and get caught up. For those of you in the loop, you may have heard back in October that the Learning Through Technology team at Maine's DOE is working toward developing a state wide micro-credential platform to make it easier to quantify and qualify skills not just for students, but teachers and anyone else who may be interested. It is certainly a huge project and I'm excited to see what happens.