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Lots (and lots) of Google Classroom Updates!

I am so super excited to share Google's blog post with their latest updates to Classroom . I see a lot of things that have been in the works for a while and frequent requests, so the timing could not be more perfect as we hit the ground running on Monday. The quick list of highlights includes: Asking questions is now a possibility in addition to the assignments and announcements from last year. Reuse old assignments, announcements or questions . Integration with Google Calendar is coming within the next month with new calendars being created for each Google Classroom class. Bump a post to the top instead of reposting. Due dates are no longer required. Attach a Google Form to a post, which is super helpful with Flubaroo to automatically grab quizzes. If you aren't using an online work system, I highly recommend that you check out Classroom . It is SUPER easy to use and makes managing your digital classroom workflow really easy. If you want to learn more or have

How to Create a Google Drive Template

First day back! Where did the summer go? This morning I had someone ask me how to create a document template on Google Drive so that the original would not be changed. One method you can use is to give view rights to the people/group that you want to share it with. Then they can make a copy of it for their own use. The positives about this method is that you can always change the "original" and the changes will be reflected whenever the user makes a new copy. The trick is to have the "original" in a place that people can access it easily. Often times their "Shared With Me" section in their Google Drive can be overwhelming. If you have a blog or site that pertains to those you want to access it, such as the "My BEMS" site at the Middle School, then you can link to the document from there. To make it even easier, you can also modify the link that you use to automatically prompt the user to make a copy. Here is a video to walk you throu