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Transferring Google Site Ownership

It's that time of year when students and staff are leaving the district and they need to take their Google Site with them. It's fairly easy to do! Basically, you want to transfer the ownership of your site to another Google account outside of our domain. Here are the directions straight from Google: To control who can access your site: Click  More Actions  in the upper right corner of the page. Click  Manage Site . Open the  Sharing  tab, and enter the email addresses for the people with whom you'd like to share your site. Choose the level of permissions for each person (Owner, Collaborator, Viewer). Click  invite these people . Once you transfer ownership to your other account then log into your other account and check to see if the Site is there. If you'd like, you can then remove your Bonny Eagle account from access to the Site. The site will not appear on the  page of your personal account. You will need to navigate to  https:

Using iMovie with Google Classroom

Are your students creating awesome projects in iMovie but you struggle with how to get them? Well, if you are using Google Classroom, it is super easy! (And if you aren't using Google Classroom, you should be because it's awesome.) Here is a look at how easy it is in less than 2 minutes. And I didn't record verbal instructions, so don't worry about watching it with other around. :)

Read "Teach Like a Pirate" with me this summer!

During our last broadcast of " About TIME & Beyond! ", Mike brought up the idea of doing a summer book club and it was well received. So, we're going to get it going! This summer we're going to be reading "Teach Like a Pirate: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an Educator"  from Dave Burgess. It's been getting rave reviews for a while now so, if you haven't read it yet now is your time! As you read it this summer, feel free to use #AboutTIME207 in your social media posts to keep the conversation going. We are definitely going to be talking about it during our first broadcast this fall and look forward to hearing your thoughts. You can grab your copy from Amazon using either of the links below. They have it available in paperback or ebook format and, if you are a Kindle user, you can borrow it from the Kindle lending library or grab it from Kindle Unlimited if you are a subscriber. Get it on K

Infinite Campus Grade Book Back-Up (Written Directions)

Earlier this week I posted a video of how to download your grade book from Infinite Campus, which is especially useful before the big updates tonight for those of us in Maine. I heard that folks wanted more 1:1 attention with it, so I prepared the written directions below to try and make it easier. Log in to Infinite Campus and open Campus Instruction. Scroll down in the left hand column until you see "Reports (Grade Book)" ​ Select "Grade Book Export" from the drop down menu shown. ​ Select the section you want to download from the drop down menu. I'd recommend starting with your first block of the trimester and working your way down the list from there. ​ The file format will likely already be set as Comma Separated. Please leave it as that option to make recovery, if needed, easier. Then select "Generate Report" and the file will automatically be downloaded to wherever you have selected (typically your Downloads folder by default). BONUS

Summer Book Club with "About TIME & Beyond!"

By now, some of you have noticed that I've been cohosting a new monthly Google Hangout on Air with Mike Arsenault called " About TIME & Beyond! " We chat about all kind of stuff related to technology in education from apps/sites that are helpful to articles that we've been reading, upcoming conferences and discussing how we can help better prepare our future teachers. It's been a blast! During yesterday's final broadcast on the academic year, episode 003 , Mike brought up having a book club this summer to read one of the popular books that have been chatted about lately. Teach like a Pirate, Ditch the Textbook... there are lots of awesome sounding books out there! If you are interested in reading along with us, please check out the poll on our Google+ page and chime in with what you think we should read. I'm looking forward to it!

Backing Up Your IC Gradebook

With updates with Infinite Campus starting up again now that Smarter Balanced is over for the year, knowing how to back up your own gradebook information can be a nice reassurance should anything go amuck. That being said, there are other redundancies built in to the Infinite Campus system that should prevent the need for the personal backup. But it's always better to be safe than sorry and I know that some teachers prefer to backup their gradebooks at the end of every year for their records. Fortunately, it is super easy to create your own backup with the us of the Gradebook Report. Here is a screencast animated GIF that shows you how. You can click on it to view it in a larger format. If you need help, I'm here to help. Just make an appointment with me !