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Removing Google Classroom (and other folders) from Your Google Drive App

I had a teacher email me this weekend asking how to customize the folders that were syncing on to his laptop with the Google Drive app. If you are a heavy Google Classroom user and you use the Google Drive app, you likely are taking up a lot of space with Classroom assignments without knowing it! So, here is my tutorial to walk you through how to set it up: Written Directions: Click on the Google Drive app icon in the top menu bar and click on preferences. Check the box at the top to "Only sync some folders to this computer" and then deselect the Classroom folder (and any other folders you don't want on your local drive). Click "Apply Changes" and it will warn you that it is going to remove the unchecked folders from your drive. Click "Ok". Any folders unchecked will still be accessible from the Google Drive website. They simply won't be stored locally. Given that your GAFE/school Google Drive in the cloud now has unlimited storage, this

Hour of Code at BEMS Alt. Ed.

This morning I spent time hanging out with the kids over at BEMS Alternative Ed as they all participated in doing an "Hour of Code" in their math class. It was a really big success! The students were blasting through the tutorials and were so focused. I even remarked to Mrs. LeConte that I had never heard it be that quiet. The students were so engaged! Several have already requested that they do it again and want to make games they can put on their mobile devices. I know that there were teachers that were hesitant about doing the Hour of Code in their own classrooms because they don't know how to code. But this morning was proof that you really don't need to know how! Although the official week of the Hour of Code is over, it's not too late to get in on the action. Next week would be an awesome time to do an hour of code in your classroom. I did one making snowflakes with Elsa this morning that was fun and seasonally appropriate. If you want to make it happ

Upcoming free webinars from Encyclopedia Britannica!

I just found out about upcoming webinars from Britannica. Most of them are offered after school hours and they are completely free. If you are interested in a topic, but the date/time doesn't work for you, they are hosting many of them again next month. Just click on the link and you can see all of the dates/times it is being offered. Message from Encyclopedia Britannica for interested teachers and school librarians ... Become a Britannica expert in less than an hour!  Join us for any of these  complimentary webinars, presented by Britannica's Expert Trainers!  Discover ways to support Common Core and State Standards, locate STEM  resources, and find new and exciting ways to promote inquiry in your  classrooms and library! Sign up today! Britannica School Elementary: December 16, 4:00 PM EST  https://student.gototraining. com/1rq37/catalog/ 4490399234481782016 Britannica School Secondary: December 16, 12:00 PM EST  https://student.gototraining. com/1rq37/catalog/ 19744670

Free Holiday Unit from eduCanon

I first found eduCanon  over a year ago when I was looking into resources for flipping classrooms (moving lectures to home and then work to school). Their claim to fame is the ability to add questions to YouTube (and other) videos and have the students answer while watching. If the students are watching it at home, or even in the classroom, asking questions can help boost engagement and test for understanding at the same time. EduCanon just sent me out an email with a free Holiday Unit that has five free lessons in it. Given how brain dead we all seem to feel this time of year, especially with the icky weather, I thought that everyone would enjoy checking them out! "Holiday Break is just around the corner. As a thank you for your support as a premium user, the  eduCanon  team has been hard at work to provide you with some fun class activities to get you there! We've created a free Holiday Unit for you to download. The unit covers strategies for revision during the h

MLTI's Annual Artwork Challenge is On Again!

I received the following email from the MLTI Team and thought that it would be awesome to have our artists enter their artwork to be considered. Check it out! "Over the last six years, the MLTI device has featured 20 outstanding student works of art each year, with over two thousand pieces of artwork submitted. The opportunity to have your artwork displayed on MLTI Devices is again available for Maine students grades K-12. Works of art will be submitted and reviewed by an independent committee using a rubric (available online). MLTI asks that students submit only ONE piece of artwork to be considered for the 2015-2016 screensaver. We have posted the guidelines on our website - please take careful note of the sizing and labeling requirements. Submissions not meeting these requirements or students submitting multiple works will not have their artwork reviewed. The deadline to submit artwork for this challenge is January 2, 2015! The students whose artwork is selected will h

Upcoming Apple/MLTI Professional Development Opportunities

You are invited to a number of new sessions hosted by the MLTI Apple Professional Development team. All sessions are from 9 AM - 12 PM and will be held at the Apple Pineland training facility . No lunch will be provided. Sessions and registration:  December 8, 2014 iOS Workflow for Teaching & Learning with Notes, Explain Everything, and iMovie December 9, 2014 iOS Workflow for Teaching & Learning with Safari, Notability, and iBooks December 10, 2014 OS X Yosemite Jumpstart Workshop December 11, 2014 iOS 8 Jumpstart Workshop December 12, 2014 iBooks Author for Education December 18, 2014 Five Best Practices for Tech Integrators We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming session. Please remember to check the MLTI Apple Events page

Today's Middle School SAMR Lesson

I'll be updating this as the day goes along, so be sure to check back!

Imagine a world with no snow days...

The chatter about no snow days has been on the rise as winter makes its presence more and more know . The listserves I'm on, Google+... everyone seems to be talking about it. I came across this article this afternoon, " Google Takes Snow Days Away From Students " by Holly Clark, and I think it brought up more good ideas on how to make it happen from a logistical standpoint. Being that we're a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) school, I see how possible it would be for us to do. I know that there are skeptics out there that are hesitant and have so many questions: What if they don't have internet? Or power? Especially at the high school, more and more of our youth have mobile devices with internet connectivity. They could participate in the Google Hangout on Air from their mobile device quite easily. Instead of killing their battery power by playing games, they could get their work done. And, even if that premise doesn't apply, the class is recorded

Latest Hour of Code Update from Hadi Partovi

I like to send along the updates I get on the Hour of Code just in case you don't get them in your own email. This one is a pretty good follow up to the screencast I posted yesterday ! Next week, students in 57,000 classrooms around the world will learn their first Hour of Code, jumping into a field that can change the rest of their lives! Double your impact: ask one other teacher to join We’re on track to top last year’s Hour of Code to make this the largest learning event in history! But to reach our goal of 100,000 classrooms, we need your help! Please, ask one other teacher in your school to host an Hour of Code next week. Here’s what you need to know now to make your Hour of Code a success: 1) Choose from final tutorials Every Hour of Code tutorial  is now ready . We ’ve been adding more options and improving what's available every day. 2) Use friendly urls When you’re ready to start your Hour of Code, write an easy, “friendly url ” on the board.  Each t

Introduction to Hour of Code Tutorial Screencast

I was asked by a teacher at the high school about how to make the Hour of Code work. So I found a classroom willing to be my guinea pigs and I hosted one last week. Here is my tutorial on how I handled the Hour of Code as well as my thoughts after it was over. If you'd like to do the Hour of Code in your classroom next week and think you'd benefit from having a wingman , just make an appointment with me and I'll help in any way I can! Important Links: Hour of Code YouTube: Hour of Code Introduction

Student Cheat Sheet for Google Classroom

I was wandering around Twitter and Google+ a few moments ago to see what was new in the world of tech in ed . One of the most awesome things I found is this infographic a fellow educator put together on how to use Google Classroom as a student. It really breaks it all down really easily! So much so that I thought it would be handy for everyone to see. Thank you to Alice Keeler for all of the hard word to put it together!

TED Talks Worksheet on

On this first day back from vacation, I was catching up on my email when I came across this awesome worksheet offered by Laura Randazzo on Teachers Pay Teachers . If you aren't familiar with the Teachers Pay Teachers site, it is basically a way for teachers to share awesome stuff they are doing, teaching, creating, etc. in a store like format. Some of the resources are free while others are available at a cost. Laura currently has her TED Talks Worksheet available for free. I know that many teachers use TED Talks in their classrooms, but sometimes it can be hard to gauge understanding and engagement. This worksheet is well laid out and is done on a single side of a sheet of paper. Although I'm not usually a fan of paper, this seems to be a logical time to use it since students often get distracted during movies if given the opportunity to have screen time. You will need to have a Teachers Pay Teachers membership, but they do have free accounts. I recommend checking it out!