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Campus Instruction Beta: Gradebook Settings Panel

Many of the tasks we used to do under assignments last year has moved to the settings panel in your gradebook . Here is a screencast to walk you through all of the options and what does what. You can find this and other resources about the gradebook  within Campus Instruction Beta by clicking here .

Campus Instruction Beta: Setting Up Your Gradebook

In the first installment of my screencasts about Campus Instruction Beta from Infinite Campus, I'm going to cover how to set up your gradebook , categories, and assignments to get your year started. You can also find this video on my "Guides & Tutorials" website by clicking here .

Infinite Campus: Campus Instruction Beta Quick Reference Guide

I know that a lot of folks are struggling with the change to Campus Instruction on Infinite Campus. I completely understand! I'm going to be putting together screencasts on everything as well as offering trainings as fast as I possibly can. In the meantime, I found this Quick Reference Guide from Douglas County School District that gives you a really good guide to get you started with everything on Campus Instruction. I used it this summer to prepare for the trainings I offered in the beginning of August and it really helped me to understand it all. Click here to check it out! Please visit in order to view this document.

Welcome Back!

Direction to Add Your School's Calendar: Log in to your school Google account and navigate to your calendar . Under "Other Calendars" on the left hand side, paste the URL for your school (shown below) into the field where it says "Add a coworker's calendar" and hit "Enter". BEMS Calendar: BEHS Calendar: You should now see the calendar appear under your "Other Calendars" list in Google Calendar. You can hide it or show it by clicking on it's name. The color shown to the left of the calendar name is the color that those events appear as on your calendar.

Classroom by Google is Here!

Don't panic! I'm going to be offering trainings on Classroom by Google as well as doing more in depth screencasts once we're back in session (next week. YIKES!). But Classroom by Google is here! To get started, click on the image above and you will be able to set your roll and start making classes. The introduction video does a REALLY good job at giving you a quick overview of the process. I know that some people are conflicted about what to use for online work collection and that is also on my hit list to cover early this school year. But suffice to say that if you are already a big user of Google Drive to gather your students work AND you don't need rubrics, then Classroom is the right place for you. If you NEED rubrics, then you can use Doctopus and Goobric. If you don't need Google Drive at all or use it very minimally, then you can do the work collection right on Infinite Campus and get rid of the middle man. As I said, much more on this later!

Introduction to Campus Instruction

I know that we are doing some troubleshooting with the new Infinite Campus: Campus Instruction site, but I'm wrapping up my preparations for this week's technology professional development workshops and I'll be covering Campus Instruction (IC Basics) with those in attendance. During my research, I found this YouTube video from IC, which I originally saw last spring. For those of you who want to get a glimpse of what is coming, it gives you a pretty good and quick look at it. So, what do you think? Looks pretty cool, right? For those of you who used the old gradebook  last year, we warned you that the old gradebook  would be going away. And it has. So it is in your best interest to get your bearings now. Check out this page for help setting up your gradebook  and getting a hang out the initial new points to gradebook  beta. And here is an additional resource from my blog about Gradebook Beta itself.