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Are you flipping yet? Or do you use video in your classroom?

If you answer yet to any of the questions in the title of this post, then you should be looking at how you can better leverage technology to make those videos more useful. There are several out there that let you ask questions, polls, and discussion questions while your students are watching the video you select (whether you make it or you find it on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). One of the most stable ones that I've come across is eduCanon . I've talked about them in past workshops, but I wanted to mention them again if you hadn't checked them out yet. So, go check it out and let me know what you think or if you need help. After Friday's workshop on video in the flipped classroom at the high school, I thought it would be the perfect time to bring it to your attention again. Click here to check it out and register for a free account!

What font are YOU using?

I first saw an article going around last week that was talking about how important your choice of font is. Historically, my education has taught me the differences between serif fonts (fonts with the little filigree at the ends), such as Times New Roman, and non-serif fonts, such as Arial. I learned about which ones are more legible than others in various applications. And I've even designed, and had students design, a few fonts myself.

Sharing Artifacts in iObservations

For those of you who are adding attachments to your iObservation  plans, you can do the same thing with links to the resources you already have posted online in order to decrease upload time and to avoid any sort of size limitations they give. Today I did a very short screencast to show you the general idea. As far as I know, following this method should work and give your administrator access to the item without needing you to upload it on to iObservations  (assuming your privacy settings allow them to see it).

A (Disappointing) Update on Grammar Check in Google Drive

At Friday's technology workshops at the high school, staff members once again inquired about grammar checking in Google Drive. I had not seen anything that would work with Google Drive, but, having not looked recently, I said that I'd look into it again and report back.

Common Sense (Media) is Common Sense Webinar

Two weeks ago I covered Common Sense Media as my topic of the week. After some technical glitches and just outright starting over, here is my webinar on the topic for those of you who missed it. I will also be posting it over on my "Guides & Tutorials" website to make it easier to find later. Click on the read more button to see it.

High School March 28th In-Service Workshops

On Friday, March 28th, the high school staff will be participating in technology workshops after lunch. I went through and sent everyone that was on the list of the high school staff their sessions, locations, presenters, and any work/items that they should bring with them to make the most of that time. The sessions are meant to give the presenters time to share their knowledge and then you time to actually play with the tool. I wanted to clarify a few points: I assigned sessions for (almost) everyone that was on the high school staff list that was supplied to me. I knew that not everyone on the list would be require to be there on Friday (such as ed  tech staff or secretaries) while others had different work to be done. I chose to paint broadly and retract as needed than have anyone felt left out. So, if you were assigned to a session and are scheduled to be elsewhere, just give me a heads up so I can correct our attendance sheets. iBooks  Author: I sent out emails to all of th

Tech. Agenda & Announcements 3/24-28

How Students Can Modify Their Google Form Submissions

If you are using Google Forms to track student progress, you might want the students to be changing their previously submitted responses versus submit the form all over again. This can also help to keep your spreadsheets with the responses from becoming overwhelming. If that is true for you, then here is a screencast to show you how to set it up as well as to have your students do it. Believe me, it's a lot easier than you think! And thank you to the teacher who asked me so that I figured this out, too.

Tech. Agenda & Announcements 3/17-21

Here is my agenda for this week. It's a fairly routine week for me with lots of projects going on. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

New Features with Google Sheets (Updated Version)

I was just talking with a middle school teacher yesterday about the new version of Google Sheets. We both tried it, but found ourselves reverting back to the "old" version because of the lack of script support. But I just came across this article from Lifehacker this morning that gives me a couple good reasons to try the new version for some things. Google has just launch "add-ons" for both sheets and docs. Check out this Lifehacker article to see if any of the initial "add-ons" intrigue you.

Tech. Agenda & Announcements 3/10-14

It occurred to me this morning that I sent out my weekly agenda through the calendar invites yesterday, but neglected to post it here. Whoops!

Webinar on Using Technology to Track Student Progress

For this week's topic, I focused on how to use technology to track student progress. All of my resources for the workshop are posted on my " Guides & Tutorials " website and the lengthy webinar video is up on YouTube right now. It's one of my longest sessions to date, but I wanted to make sure I got your mind going to think about how you can use Google Forms to track student progress. If you are interested, as always, make an appointment with me so we can sit down and chat about it and so I can help walk you through how to do it yourself. To see the webinar, you can watch it embedded below or go and check it out on my " Guides & Tutorials " website.

Addition to Workshop Calendar Invites

In my ongoing effort to ensure that my information and "services" are getting out to staff, I am going to start adding my weekly agenda to my workshop calendar invitations each week. The intention is to provide you with one email a week that has everything that you would need to know for that given week, including when I'll be covering the workshop for your prep time. My weekly agenda covers information about what happened the prior week with links to my webinars that I make, what I'm covering during the current week and when I will be where, and also additional announcements that I want folks to be aware of (such as laptop checks or how to get an AppleTV). I had previously just posted it in my blog, but I hope also including it this way it helps to keep you better informed!

Tech. Agenda & Announcements March 3rd-7th