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Webinar on Aiming Students to Primary Resources

I'm battling a lovely head cold today, so I wanted to be sure I got this week's webinar out ASAP just in case I make my way to the doctor's office (fun time!). This week my topic was on "Aiming Students to Primary Resources". I have my video embedded below, from YouTube, with my lecture on the topic. The presentation itself, with the links for you to click on, is shown below the webinar so that you can review it at your own pace and look at the information provided through the links.

What is your digital footprint?

While at the MLTI workshop on digital citizen, we're spending a lot of time checking out Common Sense Media. It is an excellent resource for EVERYTHING involving technology, especially in 1:1 environments. One of the lessons I checked out included a video on your digital footprint. It's just over a minute long, so super quick and easy. I definitely recommend showing it to your students to get them thinking about what they are doing online and their lasting footprint. Perhaps include this as part of your research projects in class since it deals with how long information will be around online. I've embedded the video from YouTube below.

MLTI Workshop: Digital Literacy and Citizenship Best Practices

Today I'm in the technology office for the MLTI workshop on Digital Literacy and Citizenship that we are hosting. Phil Brookhouse is back to present to us today, which is always fun. He was last here in the fall when we hosted the flipped classroom workshop at the middle school. I know that not everyone can attend today, so I wanted to be sure that I shared out my notes via my blog. I am also going to be tweeting at @SusieTechIntegr to share any links that I find.

Back that computer up...

The first day back from a snow-extended-vacation is more painful than most. Those emails you've been putting off taking care of are overwhelming. Waking up in time for work... cruel and unusual punishment. So I'll start things off slow and steady this week. The infographic  below came to me in one of those emails filling my inbox from visual . ly , who sends me emails with some pretty awesome ones every week. This one was especially applicable to us as it deals with how to prevent disasters from happening with your computer crashing. I, for one, would be incredibly devastated if my computer had to be reimaged . Fortunately, I have all of my important documents backed up to my Google Drive (I filled my CrashPlan Pro account ages ago) so I can access everything anywhere that I have internet. How are you protecting yourself from disaster?

Cyber Days versus Snow Days

I saw an article come across my twitter feed just now that certainly spurred my brain. The concept has been in practice at other districts across the country and I think it really has merit and potential for us, especially being almost 1:1 across the entire district.

Webinar on Using Technology to Provide Clear Learning Goals and Scales (Rubrics)

This week's topic of the week is "Using Technology to Provide Clear Learning Goals and Scales (Rubrics)". I was scheduled to meet with the middle school teachers about it today, but mother nature had other plans and gave us a two hour late arrival. So, instead of jamming it into an already compressed day, I decided to get my screencast on it together sooner rather than later so that the middle school teachers would have the time to watch it and then schedule an appointment with me when I'm back here on Thursday for office hours should they want more assistance. This particular screencast is a bit long, but it's a lot of information to cover.

Tech. Agenda & Announcements 2/10-2/14

Webinar on Examining Similarities & Differences with Technology

Several teachers expressed interest in this weeks workshop on "Examining Similarities & Differences". So, to make things easier, here is my webinar screencast of what I went over.

Using LucidCharts with Google Drive

Today I'm meeting with the high school staff to talk about my topic of the week. I have been working at aligning my topics with Marzano's key strategies since everyone is working on their iObservations anyway and using technology to support them is really handy .

Wednesday's MLTI Workshop

If you have received permission from the district to attend the MLTI " Digital Literacy and Citizenship: Best Practices " workshop we are hosting at Central Office on Wednesday (assuming the weather cooperates), you must register with MLTI as well . Right now there are only two people registered , so it is very important that you also make sure that MLTI knows you are attending. If you need to register, you can click here to go to the MLTI site to register. Thanks! And think positive about the weather. I think it will be a really great day!

Tech. Agenda & Announcements 2/3-2/7